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Rare Arabic Historical Coin- $150000 -the-most-expensive-islamic-coin/

“Coin collecting and coin study almost doesn’t exist in this part of the world.To the uninitiated, distinguishing between these two near-identical gold coins is rather like a very upmarket game of spot-the-difference.a closer inspection reveals an important that Not by damage but by design.The coins speak of more than a change in currency and leadership. 

We now understand that the changes associated with the Arab invasions were permanent, but for people living at the time, the only certainty was change, and this modified solidus, as well as many of the other gold and silver Islamic coins that can be auctioned in Geneva later on demand, testify to the sense of transition that defined the spread and early development of Islam.

“We have tried to present the whole Islamic history since the time of the Prophet through coins in a very pedagogical way,” the 60-year-old explains. “And we’ve already been getting a lot of positive responses from the western world, from people saying they did not know that Islamic coins could be so interesting.”

In terms of the auction, that history begins with the modified Byzantine solidus.“This coin is historically so important that collect and put it for the auction.

Gold Coin

“What is very interesting when we talk about Islamic coins is that virtually right after the Prophet, we see production of silver and gold coins in the Iran/Afghanistan region, and again the Arabs took the coins that were already in circulation.

“This is a completely Arabic coin, but it includes a human representation. Not only does that make it extremely rare, but it was only minted for one year and then it disappeared.”That makes the coins important historical documents, because they help us understand the extent of the empire at the time.”

The discovery of previously unknown Islamic coins and mints is exciting, in part because it’s the kind of discovery that’s now almost inconceivable with coins produced and collected elsewhere.

Silver Coin

“Finding coins from new mints and with new dates would hardly ever happen with western coinage, because it has been so extensively collected and studied for hundreds of years, but there is no structured collecting of Islamic coins in the Islamic world yet.”

“It took the collector a long, long time to put that collection together. It would have been a great opportunity for the Arab world to acquire that set, but it was sold to a European collector.” 

“We have access to information that is very important to the Arab world, but that information has never been distributed properly – but hopefully, by the time people find out that you can own a coin, a witness, that a follower of the Prophet may have held in their own hands, then I think that things may change.” It is possible to sold this coin start from million dollars on auction cause of extreme rarest coin.

Rare Old Arab Historical Coin,Year Old: 1000-2000
Quantity: 2 ,First One: Gold coin, Second One: Silver coin.
Sales Price: $1,50,000  
More Picture:
Arab Historical Rare Coin

Arab Historical Rare Coin

Arab Historical Rare Coin

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